For us Gambians, drinking tea is "life". We sit together for a chat and have a drink. Our parents said tea had health-preserving or healing properties.


Unfortunately, now that there are hospitals and pharmacies, this knowledge is being lost more and more.

The green or black tea from Asia, which can be bought in every shop, also has

replaced our original "Ataya".


It is our wish to preserve the knowledge about the healing effects of our natural products. Tea is life!

Mbor Mbor

The medicinal effect of Mbor Mbor is similar to the verbena known in Europe, which was used against inflammation, for wound healing and for lowering fever.



Wonjo is a happy nature among the Gambian teas, as it can be drunk hot or cold or as a delicious mixed drink with banana or baobab.



This fragrant tea Kinkiliba combines healing properties and tradition. A long list of healing effects can be paraphrased in terms of detoxification, cleansing and strengthening.

Jamba Katang

Jamba Katang can be used internally as well as externally. It seems to pass on its resistance to the adversities of nature in its healing properties to us humans.