Our local chickens live in a stable with a large run.

Our goal is to primarily breed laying hens.

Five strong cocks ensure fertilization. This is how we keep our breeding pure.


300 eggs fit in our incubator. In this they are hatched in 21 days. In general it can be said that only half of the hatched chicks are female. The chickens are often killed because they are known to not lay eggs. Not so with us.


First of all, we bring all animals into a warm and protected room. There we carry out the sex determination after a few days. This is not very easy. The female chicks develop their feathers after a few days and are also somewhat more active. To be on the safe side, we also carry out the cloak test.


Now the females has been separated and we bring them into their own room where they grow up together.


The small roosters are fattened with special feed and are sold as broilers after approx. 45 days.