Usually broilers feed day and night.

In this way, after 45 days, they get the weight that the customer wants.

We let our broilers grow slower and more naturally. So, 60 days are usually the rule.

When it comes to feed, we pay attention to natural ingredients.

We only use ingredients that can be bought in Gambia.

You should know that

Chicken and eggs are among the most important foods in The Gambia, alongside rice and bread. Each year around 17 million chickens are eaten in the Gambia. The majority of them are imported from Brazil, Europe or the Arab countries.


We have a problem with that! Why?


The imported chickens

  • are about 20% cheaper. If we calculate the production costs of the chicks, the medication and the feed, we cannot even cover the import prices with them. The only way we can explain this is that the chickens are fed special concentrate feed and injected with growth hormones. The exporting countries also often give their farmers subsidies with the help of which they are able to deliver their chickens cheaply to us in Gambia.
  • are delivered frozen and the cold chain is, as you can see from the box, interrupted several times. There is a risk of Salmonella if our cooks do not "roast" the meat.
  • are actually a waste product because we only get the chicken leggs. The breast is self-sold in the exporting countries.