Chicken at the farm

A farm without chickens is like a tree without leaves. When we started with our first little chicken family three years ago, we didn't have a real plan. Today (2021) we have five roosters and 32 hens. Since these are free-roaming, they naturally also eat a lot of what we have just sown.

A plan had to be found - and now we have it and we are implementing it.

From plan to reality

According to a report from an EU-funded study by the International Trade Organization from 2018, around two-thirds of the consumption of eggs and chicken in the Gambia is covered by imports. The domestic production of 500 tons per year is compared to over 1,000 tons of imports, with eggs alone we are talking about imports of over 20 million eggs (1). Other data (2) show that Gambia imported a good 3 million chickens in 2019 for 485,000,000 GMD.

This encouraged us to open a poultry division on our farm.


Our incubator helps us to control our own breeding and to keep it vital.


Our newly hatched chickens stay together until gender recognition.


Eggs are usually hard-boiled or eaten as an omelette on bread (tapalapa).